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-The Filmaker Cannot See- [entries|friends|calendar]

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Mattress Icons [31 Dec 2005|03:14pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey Everyone! Anyone Got any Once Upon A Mattress Icons. I'll of course use and credit but I can't find any anywhere. I would like Broadway Show icons not the movie but if you got movie ones then ill be happy with those too. Thanks in advance!

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I Know [09 Nov 2005|06:33pm]
I Know that this has been asked a million times and I have tried to get into a graphic community and everything but its all filled up. Im looking for a fresh new RENT layout for my other Live Journal. Anyone interested?
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[04 Jun 2005|07:11am]
[ mood | calm ]

quick question. im just curious.

when the movie comes out is there going to be a community made for RENT the movie. or is this community going to be filled with everyones reactions.

is there already a RENT the movie community?

On another note. Im going to see RENT on the 11th. anyone else?

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Caplans last? [31 May 2005|09:09pm]
Anyone know the date or the month that Caplans leaving?
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[03 Apr 2005|05:19pm]
Hey i was wondering if somone could post the rosario's clip singing from the Rent Movie! thanks =)
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[28 Mar 2005|08:31pm]

Last 5 Years


Tick Tick Boom





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[28 Mar 2005|07:49pm]


The Phantom Of The Opera

A Chorus

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[28 Mar 2005|07:49pm]


The Phantom Of The

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*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!* [19 Feb 2005|11:27am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Kelly
Happy birthday to you


Karina have a good time giving her the scrapt book. take crazee pictures of her with it. we all want to see the reaction.
Heather ur a doll for making it we all love u so much!

Ill be seeing the amazing girl on Thursday!

Happy Birthday again Ms. Kelly

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[29 Jan 2005|10:34am]

Broadway SurveyCollapse )

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[26 Jan 2005|10:24am]
[ mood | working ]

Hey you guys. Some people a while back wanted the list of the groups for Will I. Well i have a snow day today and I was watching the Rent Reunion Concert and i wrote down the groups. So they are under the cut.

Will I Wake Tomorrow From This NightMare.Collapse )

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One Short Day in my Emerald CIty [18 Jan 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

oh goodness...

New York City Center Of The Universe.Collapse )

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[18 Jan 2005|03:14pm]

Just wanted to Post a quick review from the 1-15 night show including some pictures.  We played lotto and lost. but got standing room for 20 but then found ourselves in the 4th row. not bad.

Roger~ Jermey
Mimi~ Krystal
Collins~ Destan
Angel~ Justin
Mark~ Drew
Benny~ D'monroe
Joanne~ Merle
Maureen~ Kelly

Marks Mom~ Caren
Christmas Caroler~ Owen
Mrs. Jefferson~ Frenchie
Gordon~ Colin
Steve~ Enrico
Paul~ Nick
Alexi- Mayumi

I always remind people of.Collapse )

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[28 Dec 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Hey everyone!
i was wondering does anyone know whats going on with MRF. I realize that hes on leave but I didn't realize for this long. Destan Owens has been on a lot. And I love Destan Owens as Collins but if anyone knew when MRF would be back for good or if anyone knows any rock solid info i would truley love to hear it.
Thanks everyone.
And I hope everyone is having a great Holiday!

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[05 Dec 2004|02:32pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

A week from today and i'll be seeing rent again. ahh im so excited.

Now i know that loto is differnt for every day but how has it been going for the sunday matinee?
lot of people?

just wondering in advance.


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